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Nail Reconstruction- Helping you love your feet again!

Nail Reconstruction- Helping you love your feet again!

Nail Reconstruction- Helping you love your feet again! 940 573 laura@lapreme.co.uk

Toenail Reconstruction

For many of us, the thought of taking our shoes off in public is traumatic and just not an option! Who knew years of sports, running, dancing, going to the gym or inappropriate shoes could have caused so much damage. At La Preme Clinic, we can help you love your feet again. If you have suffered trauma, have cracked or unsightly nails from a fungal infection or other medical condition, nail reconstruction could be the perfect solution for you.

What is a Nail Reconstruction?

A toenail reconstruction (or aesthetic nail correction) is a simple and painless procedure. It can enhance damaged or discoloured toenails, improving the overall appearance of your feet. This fungal-resistant product is applied directly onto your damaged nails to create a natural-looking veneer or prosthetic.  Topical antifungal preparations may continue to be used with reconstructed toenails.

The procedure is carried out by our highly trained Podiatrists using an aseptic technique. A resin is applied in layers to your nail bed to recreate the appearance of a nail. The gel has great flexibility which allows it to withstand stresses the feet have to go through daily. The flexibility also allows the prosthetic nail to grow with your natural nail plate. Causing less trauma than traditional acrylic-based products. In addition, no trauma is caused to the nail plate or nail bed.

What are the benefits of having a toenail reconstruction?

A nail reconstruction has several benefits. Some are for cosmetic reasons. Others are to promote healthy nail growth, but the unappreciated benefit is to improve wellbeing and give you feet to be proud of. Improving nail appearance may seem trivial but to some individuals, it can be a massive confidence boost. The veneer can be left to look natural or a gel polish can be applied.

Many individuals can benefit from toenail reconstruction including individuals suffering from the following;

A toenail reconstruction can be applied for a one-off special occasion or for regular long-term wear.

How long will a reconstructed nail last?

We expect nail reconstruction to last approximately 6-8 weeks, but this will depend on the amount of nail plate available. If the nail is completely missing; it is likely the nail will stay in position for a day or two at most. This is due to the natural oils being secreted in the skin. We would recommend keeping the prosthetic nail in a safe place and attaching it on special occasions. A hypoallergenic nail glue will keep the nail in place.

La Preme Clinic can help you love your feet again!

If you’d like to learn more about this procedure, please get in touch to inquire. You can also view more information here.  We’d love to discuss whether this treatment is suitable for you or not!