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Curacorn® Treatment Glasgow

Curacorn® Dermal Fillers in the Heart of Glasgow

Curacorn® Treatment Glasgow

Curacorn® is a quick and effective treatment for a whole host of foot lesions. It can reduce the friction between the skin and bone, adding a cushion-like substance to prevent pain and further development of the callouses or corns. Curacorn is an aesthetic technique that uses dermal fillers to prevent further friction from corns and callouses.

What is Curacorn®?

Curacorn is so popular because it is a long-lasting solution, and it can be used on multiple places on the foot where a lesion might be present such as the ball of your foot, the heels or in between your toes.

Curacorn is made from hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring and, therefore, is very safe and comes with few side effects or potential problems. It is also a very viscous formula, preventing it from dispersing under pressure when you are walking or exercising.

Which Foot Conditions Can Be Treated With Dermal Fillers?

When people think of dermal fillers, their initial thoughts are most commonly about the anti-ageing treatments and properties available, but that’s not the only thing for which dermal fillers can be useful. They are also a very safe and effective treatment method for various foot lesions and issues. Dermal fillers primary use in foot care initially began with diabetic patients being injected into ulcer-prone areas to prevent this from happening.

Restoring the volume in these ulcer-prone areas proved very successful at helping patients with diabetes prevent painful ulcerations, but that’s not the only thing is can be used for. It can also:

  • A corn is a hard, thickened area of skin, usually found on the side of your pinky toe or other areas of your foot. They typically develop as a result of unwanted pressure or friction in order to protect the toe from further damage, most commonly from poorly fitting shoes. They can be painful and sensitive to touch and also cause you pain while wearing certain types of shoes.

    Curacorn can increase the volume of fatty tissue surrounding these areas where a corn might otherwise develop, creating a cushioning effect that prevents the corn from forming.

  • A hammer toe is a name for when your middle toe bends downwards or inwards towards the bottom of your foot. This condition can be very painful and cause pain when walking or exercising. It can also lead to other foot-related problems and, due to the increased pressure or pain on your foot, alter your gait and cause pain in your lower limbs, hips and even back. Curacorn can relieve some of the inflammation and pressure placed on your foot from hammertoes.

  • Much like any joint in the body, arthritis on your feet can be uncomfortable. It can cause your joints to become stiff and painful and limit you from wearing certain types of shoes or doing certain activities. An additional layer of filler can provide you with a new lease of life by giving you an additional layer of cushioning that protects your feet.

  • There are other benefits to dermal fillers that are not directly associated with a foot condition, such as enjoying that pair of high heels you’ve been looking at longingly for the past couple of months. They can also improve your general way of life by taking away foot pain, this makes walking and exercises easier, and if you spend a lot of time on your feet at work, it can make it that little bit less painful.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Hyaluronic acid is a very safe and naturally occurring product that can be found in your joints. It helps to trap water in the collagen in your skin, acts as lubrication for your joints and also as a cushion to prevent excess damage.

Hyaluronic acid can be used in various different treatments and cosmetic enhancements all over the body, from facial aesthetics to removing ageing lines in your hands, making bones and veins less prominent. It causes the skin to become more plump and fuller looking. When used on our feet, it reduces friction that could lead to the development of corns and stimulates your body’s natural collagen production method, creating fresh skin cells for fat pad atrophy.

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