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Can a Podiatrist Prescribe Medication? Advice for fungal treatment

Can a Podiatrist Prescribe Medication? Advice for fungal treatment

Can a Podiatrist Prescribe Medication? Advice for fungal treatment 1024 892 laura@lapreme.co.uk

Hey, are your nails having a fungi party without your permission? Wondering if a visit to a podiatrist can give you prescription relief? You’re not alone—1 in 4 Brits have had a run-in with unsightly fungal toenail infections, formally known as ‘onychomycosis.‘ Today, we’re diving into can a podiatrist prescribe medication (spoiler: we can!) and why oral antifungal medication is often the knockout punch for this issue. Let’s also talk about how our podiatrists at La Preme Clinic can help you get your feet looking and feeling their best.

What is Onychomycosis and Why Should You Care?

First, let’s clarify what onychomycosis is. It’s more than just yellow, thickened, or crumbly nails. This fungal invasion is a real health concern that can lead to debilitating pain, difficulty in walking, and even secondary bacterial infections. So while you may cringe at the sight of your nails, the real risk lies in ignoring the deeper health issues beneath the surface.

Can a Podiatrist Prescribe Medication?

Yes, we can! Our Podiatrists have undergone extensive additional training and are qualified to prescribe oral antifungal medication. This is a powerful and effective treatment for onychomycosis. And that brings us to why this treatment is often a game-changer and the only tool in the box for killing fungus.

Why Choose Oral Antifungal Medication?

Oral antifungal medication, such as terbinafine, often results in a more rapid and complete eradication of the fungal infection compared to topical treatments. It works by disrupting the fungal cell membrane, thus killing off the invasive cells and clearing the infection.

Aligning with NICE Guidelines

Our prescribing practices at La Preme Clinic are in line with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. According to these, oral antifungal medication is generally considered when at least three nails are affected.

Safety First!

To ensure the medication is both effective and safe for our patients, 6-weekly blood tests are conducted right here at La Preme Clinic. These tests help us to monitor any potential side effects and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. This comprehensive approach allows us to modify the treatment as needed to provide the best possible outcome.

Your Health, Our Priority

Here at La Preme Clinic, we offer more than just treatments; we offer an unparalleled luxury healthcare experience. Our evidence-based approach, monitored through regular check-ups, ensures you receive the highest standards of care. But we don’t stop at merely treating your current condition. Given the high reoccurrence rates of fungal infections, our podiatrists arm you with expert advice and effective medication regimens designed to not only clear up the infection but also to prevent its return. We’re proud to say we’re your number one choice for tackling fungal-related issues on your feet. Trust us to help you say goodbye to fungal toenail problems and hello to healthier, happier feet.

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