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All You Need To Know About Warm Wax Therapy

All You Need To Know About Warm Wax Therapy

All You Need To Know About Warm Wax Therapy 1440 2560 laura@lapreme.co.uk

Warm wax therapy is an innovative and hygienic treatment; that everyone who has tried, simply adores. You heat up the paraffin wax and apply it to the skin, which helps increase the blood flow. The increased blood flow can relieve any pain and flush out toxins, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. The paraffin wax contains essential oils that can moisturise your skin and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Benefits Of Warm Wax Therapy

As stated above, warm wax therapy is not only good for your muscles, but it also increases blood flow. This causes a more fluid supply to the joints and can make them less painful. Heat therapy also relaxes the muscles and improves mobility. As well as this, paraffin wax softens hardened skin and expands the skin elasticity, therefore improving mobility.

Warm wax therapy is also a great moisturiser for your feet and a therapeutic treatment for sore and aching joints. This makes the treatment beneficial for people with conditions such as the following:

  • Arthritis – A disease that causes pain and inflammation within the joints; this typically worsens with age. 
  • Bursitis – Is the inflammation of the bursa; this is the fluid-filled sac that cushions the surface to reduce friction between the tissues of your body. 
  • Chilblains – This refers to the painful inflammation of small blood vessels in your skin. They appear like itchy, red patches and have been known to blister. They often arrive after spending long periods of time in the cold, take a look at our other blog to find out some good winter foot care advice
  • Eczema & psoriasis – These are both skin conditions that can lead to itching or burning sensation of the skin. 
  • Bad circulation – Bad circulation is when the blood flow is not as strong within certain parts of the body. This is common among people who suffer from diabetes, especially in the feet. 

This therapy is also suitable for other conditions, such as inflammation, tendonitis, stiff joints, and muscle spasms related to sports.

At The Appointment

Your warm wax therapy appointment will usually last around one and a half hours. Warm wax therapy at La Preme is a combination of therapies, fusing together medical and therapeutic treatments to provide you with the best treatment possible. We will first carry out a full podiatry treatment in which we will remove all callouses, corns and problematic skin. After this, you can sit back and relax while your feet are slowly coated in warm wax and wrapped in warm towels. 

We can also incorporate this into any treatment we offer. Please allow an additional 40 minutes for this service. There will be an additional £40 supplement for this.

If you feel you could benefit from the wonderful relaxation of the warm wax treatment, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.